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Our task was to investigate and observe how could we develop Torpparin Liha company. It is a slaughterhouse located in Punkalaidun in Finland that focuses on ethical and high- quality meat. The company takes care of everything from slaughtering, cutting, chopping and packing the meat. The focus is on slaughtering sheep and cattle.

Torpparin Liha –
Meat processing
since 1993

No employees
of its own, only
about 3-5 contractors

Main customer group
are restaurants, but
wants to expand to
consumer markets

Problem evaluation

We went to observe Torpparin Liha on the spot. Evaluated different problems and needs what we discovered and mapped then into four sections.


We did a co-design project together with Asko Männistö, the owner of Torppari Liha, and one of the main restaurant customers’ owner. We discussed and went through the different stages of the ordering process that we then wrote down on the timeline we developed.


Preserve and maintain a
homely and artisan-derived
homestead image

Keep things simple
and easy to
learn and cope

In this project we only
focused on the old customers
like restaurant


Final prototype

The searching method is visualized, so it is quicker to catch what meet pieces the orderer is searching for. Every meet piece has their own card, which tells all the details of it

For restaurants, the website facilitates to get the information what is available at the moment. On the contrary, it also informs the owner what’s left in the stock.

It is also possible to see what sort of cattle is living in the field at the moment and when will it be ready for slaughter.