About me.

A recent graduate of Aalto University’s Collaborative and Industrial Design master’s program, I successfully conducted an eight-month paid thesis project for Kongsberg Maritime as a UX researcher. My focus was on designing remote operation systems for ships to enhance the operational experience for future workers. I created and facilitated workshops, both in-person and remotely through Miro, communicated with subcontractors, and aligned ideas with Kongsberg. Proficient in tools like Figma, Adobe XD, and Blender, I developed interactive prototypes, user flows, wireframes, researched literature, and the project resulted a research paper “Participatory Design Approach to Sustainable Voyage Planning – Case Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships,” soon to be published by Frontiers. 

I have skills also in 3D modeling, renderings and technical drawings. I often take on the role of facilitating communication between diverse personalities and skillsets. My strength lies in making every voice visible, valuing continuous feedback and thriving in a motivating team environment.

UX/UI & Industrial

UX methods, Workshops, User Flows, User Research

3D-modeling, Technical Drawings,

Interactive and Physical Prototypes,
User testing