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Innovative Ceramic Filter Development for Safe Drinking Water

The development of the ceramic filter is currently underway at Aalto's Design Factory startup. It is based on the process of directional freezing of wet clay, which enables the creation of microscopic channels within the ceramic material. The objective of these channels is to be sufficiently minute to effectively filter out bacteria and viruses, thus ensuring that drinking water is safe from pathogenic organisms.
Nonetheless, it should be noted that this filtration method does not eliminate toxic substances that may be dissolved in the water.

Filter’s properties

The filter's properties include a diameter of 20 mm and a thickness of 5 mm. It operates efficiently with a pressure of 0.1 bar, allowing it to filter 1 deciliter per hour. When the pressure is increased to 2 bar, the filter's capacity significantly improves, enabling it to filter 5 liters of water per hour.

Focus in the project

In the demanding conditions faced by soldiers, access to clean drinking water is often a challenge. They frequently encounter situations where clean water is scarce, leading them to rely on whatever water sources are available, including dirty water. To tackle this issue, an ideal solution would be a compact, space-efficient water bottle that's easy to carry, even in cramped backpacks. Additionally, its design should facilitate quick and effective cleaning, enabling soldiers to sanitize their water containers efficiently, especially when dealing with contaminated water sources. Moreover, to meet military practicality requirements, such a bottle should be cost-effective to produce, ensuring widespread accessibility and affordability, ultimately safeguarding the health and hydration of the troops.

Shape forming

The challenge was to achieve a compact shape while providing ample pressure for the filter, as it requires significant pressure for efficient filtration. Strong, seamless methods for crafting a foldable bag and introducing air pressure were pursued, given that air pressure surpasses water pressure in effectiveness.

Final prototype

Compact Bag Design

The compact and foldable design of a water filtering bag is a valuable feature for the military as it enables soldiers to easily fit it into their carry-ons or gear, ensuring access to clean drinking water in the field without adding unnecessary bulk. This convenience and portability are essential for enhancing soldiers' mobility and readiness during missions in various environments.

Easily Removable Components

The fact that all the parts of the filtering bag are easily removable and can be reassembled effortlessly makes it a valuable military feature. This design simplifies and expedites the cleaning process, ensuring that soldiers can maintain their water purification equipment efficiently during missions.

Simple Molded Parts

The ability to manufacture all bag components using simple molds significantly reduces production costs, making it a cost-effective solution for the military. This feature is advantageous as it allows for the mass production of affordable water filter bags.